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Basic Elements of Good Design

Here are the basic elements that we use to make for effective design.

First there is Unity and Variety. Every room should have unity. The furnishings should have something in common with each other to create a unified whole. Together with unity you should also have some variety to add interest and vitality to a room.

Next is balancing. Balance may be achieved in several ways. As an example, you should make sure all the “heavy” pieces are not clustered together. This would weigh down one end of a room. With proper balance, a room will be much more pleasing.

Then, there is Scale. It is a good idea to make sure you have the right-sized furniture for its purpose, and for its assigned space. 

Next is the proper Arrangement of furniture. Unobstructed walking space should be created in a room. Furniture should also be grouped for such things as easy conversation, reading light, and serving pieces near the dining areas. 

There’s also Color. You can use color to give a room personality and feeling.

Finally, of course, is Piece Selection of the actual furniture and accessories themselves. 


Furniture and design are more than what we’s who we are! So come on in! We are happy to help you find the right furniture and achieve rooms you’ll be happy living in!

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