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Beautiful Master Bedrooms

Years ago selecting master bedroom furniture consisted of  choosing the correct size bed, and then adding storage pieces  such as a dresser or a chest of drawers—and that was it! Today in many homes there are large walk-in closets, and  sometimes even larger “dressing rooms!”—Which we also  happen to love designing and building. 

However getting back to our point—storage space is  usually available in abundance! So with storage issues covered, adding pieces that are both decorative and functional can transform a standard bedroom into a truly beautiful master bedroom suite! 

How do we achieve that? Here are a few ideas: 

  • Have you ever wanted a makeup vanity all to yourself? Real Hollywood Style! 
  • What about including a chaise lounge for when you want to relax, but not ready for bed just yet? 
  • Perhaps a beautiful bench in front of the bed? 
  • Maybe a fireplace mantle? 

There are so many ways to add beauty to a master  bedroom! Do you have another idea for your space?  We would love to hear it! 

When you are ready for new furniture, please don’t  hesitate to come in or call. We would be delighted to  start planning your next project together! 

Italian furniture is more than just what we do— It’s who we are!

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