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Do Not Plan Rooms - Plan Living Areas

While many people still plan their living room, dining room or bedroom the same way as they always did, one of the significant trends in home furnishings in the last decades is the increased concept of multipurpose rooms. In this concept, you don’t think in terms of “rooms”– you think of “living centers” that let you fit more living in the same space.

The many purposes for which a room can be used is limited only by your way of life, and your imagination. While the combination living-dining area is nothing new, the same room may be made more usable by making it a living, dining, office, music area– or any of many combinations– with the proper use of the space you have, and with the proper selection of furniture. The multipurpose bedroom is no longer an indulgence or a privilege enjoyed by people with space to spare

A bedroom retreat, with the right planning in a reasonable area, could contain a sitting, snack, office or sewing area, all according to your particular needs and interest.

The main thing to remember is that you can, if you wish, get MORE USE out of the rooms in your home.

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