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How Much Does Furniture Really Cost?

One way to figure out how much various pieces of furniture really cost is to use the following formula: 

Take a piece of furniture you are thinking about purchasing, then estimate how many years it will reasonably last, then divide the number of years into the price. 

That will give you a cost per year and the result will probably surprise you! A piece of furniture that you may pay $500 for and expect to use for 15 years, Would thus, have a cost per year of only about $33! 

Our point in bringing this formula to you is to highlight an often overlooked fact about furniture. Furniture is an investment that offers lasting and repeated value. 

When it comes to Luxury Furniture, Italian Furniture, Baroque Furniture, and Contemporary Furniture it is more than just what we is who we are! 

Let us help you find the luxury furniture that is right for you.

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