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How To Decorate Your Walls

The goal should be to arrange wall accessories and art in an interesting and pleasing manner – how do you do that?

Consider for example symmetrical vs. asymmetrical placements. Try placing one picture or wall accessory higher than another compared to evenly at the same height. The look you create can leave you with a balanced appearance or an intentionally unbalanced appearance.

One suggestion in wall decorating is to avoid extremes. It is usually not desirable for a wall to look completely blank, nor too cluttered and messy. Remember the overall beauty of your room should be enhanced and complemented by the decor on the walls.

A word about scale… size… proportion... (guess that’s a few words). The art on the wall should be in proportion to the wall itself, as well as properly sized for the furniture, window treatments, and the remaining decor it shares space with.

Take note of the different shapes, angles, and curves throughout the design of your home. The shape of the wall decor you select can also harmonize, or contrast with the shapes of other items in the same space.

There is a lot to consider – need help? No problem, but let’s talk about the furniture first! …Unless you want to stare at your art while sitting on the floor? When it’s time for new furniture, please don’t hesitate to call or come in. Italian furniture is more than just what we do – it’s who we are!

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