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In Our Concern For You

Although we’re in the business of providing you with a wonderful selection of furniture, and we trust that anytime you want to buy furniture and accessories you’ll see us. Although, we are also concerned with how you enjoy that furniture in your home.

And it is for that reason that we talk this week about a particular concept of decorating. This concept, for both the beauty and planning of your rooms, urges you not to unnecessarily overcrowd your furniture.

First of all, from a beauty standpoint, by using the right spacing, you help each piece stand on its own, and show off its beauty better.

Give your furniture a chance to breathe, and a chance for its beauty to be seen and enjoyed.

And from a planning standpoint, you don’t want to have a room so cluttered that people feel hemmed in and find it difficult to move easily, and difficult to enjoy an easy conversation.

Now, obviously, you want to have enough furniture- and the right kind- placed right to serve your needs, and we can help you achieve that. we’re anxious to fill your furnishing needs and provide you with the furniture you’ll love- but we never try to “oversell” or “overcrowd” you.

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