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Protect Your Wood Furniture

The quality level of the furniture we offer can be considered  an investment! We, just as you, want it to last. So here are a few tips on how to properly care for your wood furniture. 

Never wash wood furniture with a heavy application of  soap and water! It can dull the finish and loosen veneer. Instead try a reputable furniture care product. 

Different products are used for different purposes.  For regular dust removal a lightly dampened cloth will do the trick. For enhanced shine you can use a spray-on product which may have ingredients containing wax or oil. It is important to rub with the grain of the wood, not against it. 

The cloth itself is also important! Use an old clean piece of flannel, or cotton clothing. Please, please, please—make sure there are no buttons, or you will scratch your furniture (it has happened!) 

Wood touch up markers can be used  also to touch up minor nicks and scratches, just go slowly, or call a professional if you aren’t comfortable trying to touch-up yourself. 

As countless clients will tell you—the furniture we sell lasts!—and especially when it is well cared for,  however, when it’s time for new furniture please  don’t hesitate to call or come in. Italian furniture is more than just what we do— it’s who we are!

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