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Designing a Luxury Home: Expand Your View

Part of what makes a luxury home feel luxurious is how it fits into its surroundings, and how its design scheme draws and controls your attention. There’s an air of effortlessness, but that’s purposeful. 

At Nino Madia Furniture and Design, Inc. we let client goals guide our design process as we turn their vision into reality. Here we’ll share some design principles behind classic luxury and explain how we’re able to bring out the best in every space. We already know the basics and we’ve worked through some key details–now it’s time to expand horizons.

What Is Luxury Interior Design?

Put simply, luxury is subjective–everyone experiences it differently. That said, when you analyze a luxury home’s design, you can generally find a through line of materials, textures, colors, lighting, and other factors, like convenience and ease of living. The ideal luxury space will vary from one person (and home) to another, but one thing that doesn’t change is that luxury interior design does not happen by chance. Instead, it results from a series of deliberate choices that are informed by your space, needs, preferences, and the objects and materials you love. At Nino Madia, we work with clients to understand what they’re looking for and then skillfully design a luxury space that fits them just right.

Here are some principles we keep in mind as we develop a client’s luxury interior design plan:

Picking and choosing focal points. In a luxury home, there will certainly be many furnishings and architectural details that want to steal your attention–a designer can help to select and highlight the main focus of any given space. This could be a grand bedroom set, a custom-built kitchen island, a stunning, ornately detailed bar with marble counters, or a fine Italian living room suite. Whatever the case, too many competing focal points could mean that focus is lost. A Nino Madia interior designer will ensure that every room has a special sense of presence.

Focus on consistency. A luxury home should reflect the owner’s taste, no matter the room. Not only does personalization in design make a statement, it also means that you’re the most comfortable in your space–what’s more luxurious than that? Whether this entails consistent flooring choices, color palettes, art work or details of fixtures and hardware, having a cohesive feel throughout your home tells a clear story of who you are and what you love. Working closely with a skilled interior designer is the best way to make this happen in your own space.

Design for indoor/outdoor living. Natural elements, colors, and visuals are soothing in any context, from design motifs to actual, living plants. But nothing compares to being outdoors, spending time in nature itself. A seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living spaces can be seen as a distinct form of luxury, especially when your outdoor views are a treat to behold. This could mean special attention being paid to window treatments, so as not to obscure the beauty just beyond the glass, or finding ways to bring nature indoors.

Personal As Luxury

In the end, regardless of style preference, luxury home design is all about you. Working with a design professional means that together you can find the elements and stylistic details you love and make them your signature. That knowledge will then inform everything from décor, design, and furniture choices, to the specific materials and customization options we employ. True luxury allows you to be true to what you love, all while depending on an expert to handle the details. 

At Nino Madia Furniture and Design, Inc. we have everything you need to furnish your luxury home, and the skill and professionalism to make the process easy and enjoyable. From initial measurements and planning to product selection, delivery and installation, we handle every step of the process. Get in touch to learn more about our full suite of products and services. 

Nino Madia: Classic Luxury Furniture Professionals

At Nino Madia Furniture and Design, Inc., we’re experts at outfitting our clients’ luxury homes. Our fine Italian furniture bridges the gap between the past and present while allowing ample room for personal taste and style. Whether your design preferences tend to be classic, contemporary, or you love French reproduction, Nino Madia has the one-of-a-kind luxury furniture you’ve been wishing for. Visit our destination showroom and check out our online portfolio to get a taste for what’s available. Our professional design team is happy to help you outfit the luxury home of your dreams. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your visit.

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