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Designing a Luxury Home: The Basics

When you walk into a luxury home, it’s often the air of effortlessness that strikes you–everything works well together, and one room flows into the next. Spaces are grand, but also intimate. Materials are luxurious, but practical. 

These are the goals that we have when helping our clients to design their own luxury homes. And at Nino Madia Furniture and Design, Inc. we handle every step of the process. From accurate measurements to strategic planning and providing the right products, we prevent costly mistakes and ensure that clients get the right furniture and the look they desire, each and every time. Here we’ll share some of the design principles that work together to create classic luxury: the basics, the details, and expanding views. Think of it as a little light reading while we design your dream interior.

What Is Luxury Interior Design?

This is a subjective practice–everyone experiences luxury differently. That said, a luxurious interior design can often be traced back to a certain element or combination of factors–materials, textures, colors, lighting, and ease of living, for instance. The ideal statement of luxury varies from one person to another, depending on circumstance and influence. Whatever the case may be, luxury interior design is most definitely not a chance occurrence. It is the result of deliberate choices and a deep understanding of a client’s space, needs, preferences, and the objects and materials that will serve those needs. 

Here are some vital principles we keep in mind as we formulate a client’s luxury interior design plan:

Settle on a style. A general style can provide a guide for every subsequent decision we make. Classic styles focus on classically elegant materials, like rich woods and plush textiles. For a touch of antique flair, we may include expertly done French reproduction pieces. Contemporary interior design features clean lines with minimalist pieces and a sleek, understated color palette. Modern design is a step beyond contemporary, maintaining a streamlined feel but with an emphasis on bold color and striking furniture–it makes a statement. Eclectic interior design encourages the combination of items and components from various styles, time periods, and cultures. Each style option can express an individual’s personal style, and we work directly with our clients to ensure that the pieces we select speak to who they are and what they love. 

Prioritize comfort. A luxury home shouldn’t feel like a museum–it’s lived in and used everyday. At Nino Madia we find the things that matter most to you, and really focus on those in our design. We’ll find luxury furniture that is as comfortable as it is stunning; maybe a lounge chair will fit in better than a wingback. Your home is your sanctuary, so you aren’t obligated to use space in traditional ways, and we are happy to suggest alternatives to make a design plan work for your lifestyle, habits, and preferences. Fabrics help to welcome and caress you, colors and textures can bring you pleasure and infuse spaces with emotional impact–be it calm, relaxation, motivation, energy, harmony, etc. Design choices can be the direct result of a material, object, or vignette appealing to you on a visceral level. Comfort can mean many things–with help from the expert design team at Nino Madia, your luxury home can encompass them all.

Embrace functionality and convenience. One of the most luxurious aspects of any home is having precisely what you need, when and where you need it. That could mean a tabletop or classic beverage bar near seating areas for seamless interactions and an easy place to set down a glass, book, or device. It could also mean custom-built cabinetry in your kitchen, walk-in closet, or bathroom, so that daily tasks are more of a joy, less of a chore. Our designers focus on your daily routines and build an ideal design for your space around your unique needs and preferences. 

Luxury Is Personal

Regardless of where you fall in the design spectrum, at its heart, designing a luxury home is all about the homeowner. If you love ornate, one-of-a-kind pieces, then we’ll make that your signature. Maybe you prefer an overall approach that’s a bit more demure, but love the control and convenience that customization brings. Whatever your niche, we can help you to find it and we will then use that knowledge to inform each and every décor, design, and furniture choice. The most luxurious element of interior design is having the freedom to be true to what you love, and having an expert by your side to help with all the details.

At Nino Madia Furniture and Design, Inc. we have everything you need to furnish your luxury home, and the skill and professionalism to make the process easy and enjoyable. Get in touch to learn more about our full suite of products and services. 

Work With Classic Luxury Furniture Professionals

At Nino Madia Furniture and Design, Inc., we’re experts at outfitting our clients’ luxury homes. As a fine Italian furniture store, we specialize in classic, luxury furniture that bridges the gap between the past and present. Whether your design preferences tend to be classic, contemporary, or you love French reproduction, Nino Madia has the one-of-a-kind fine Italian furniture you’ve been dreaming of. Visit our destination showroom and check out our online portfolio to get a taste of what’s available. Our professional design team is happy to work one-one-one with you to outfit the luxury home of your dreams. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your visit.

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