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Designing a Luxury Home: The Details

Attention to the smallest detail is often what sets luxury apart from the everyday. When you walk into a luxury home an air of effortlessness strikes you, but on closer inspection, it’s clear that someone thought of everything. 

These are the goals that our clients have for their luxury homes–the goals that we bring to life with our interior design expertise. At Nino Madia Furniture and Design, Inc. we rely on experience and tested design principles to create a classic luxury space for clients. Here we’ll share some of these. We’ve already touched on the basics of luxury design, now we’ll get into the details. Stay tuned for Expanding Views, the final article in this miniseries.

What Is Luxury Interior Design?

It can be different for every person, in every space. That said, interior design that communicates luxury is typically founded on a certain element or combination of factors–materials, textures, colors, lighting, and ease of living, for instance. Whatever luxury means for you, an interior that conveys that high end feel never comes from mere chance. It is the result of deliberate choices and a deep understanding of your space, needs, and preferences. At Nino Madia we work directly with our clients to get to know what they’re looking for. Then we handle every step of the design process, from measurements to planning, providing the ideal products, transport and installation. 

Here are some of the central principles we keep in mind as we develop a client’s luxury interior design plan:

Vary the textural landscape. When you really pay attention to a luxurious space, it’s often the textures that stand out. Embracing a variety of textures can lend a sense of depth and richness to your home. Depending on your overarching style, you may prefer sleek, streamlined surfaces or hand-carved, ornate detailing. Fabrics could be smooth, plush, visibly textural, or a combination thereof. A balanced mixture of textures can offer varied sensory experiences that help to create the sense of luxury you’re looking for.


Use color innovation. Luxury homes don’t have to follow current design trends–they stand above and on their own. While white walls may be popular, rich color and ornate patterns have always spelled luxury. Dark walls or highly patterned wallpapers paired with luxury Italian furniture indicate that deliberate stylistic choices have been made, and communicate a sense of exclusivity. Colors, patterns, and textures can also be used to influence emotions and moods, depending on the space and its use. No matter your preference, our interior designers will work with you to ensure that an aura of luxury is preserved.


Make a statement with lighting. Instead of opting for one-dimensional overhead lighting, luxury homes often utilize various layers of light to achieve a desired effect. Natural light is always prized, as it allows true hues to emerge and shows off a space and its inhabitants to the best effect. Our designers know how to use additional lighting to enhance natural sources, while also creating a sense of intimacy or reflectiveness in other areas. Lighting can also be used to draw attention to treasured works of art or key architectural features along with masterpieces of craftsmanship. Incorporating metallic elements, like gold or silver leaf, and crystal chandeliers or other luxury lighting fixtures can help to create a sense of mystery and grandeur while allowing light to play in and around your living spaces.

Personalize Luxury

Whatever your style, at its heart, your luxury home is all about you. Working with a skilled Nino Madia interior designer, you can find the details, materials, and color schemes you love and make them your signature. Designers can then use that knowledge to inform every other décor, design, and furniture choice. Rooms will flow into each other and you’ll be able to enjoy that trademark harmony that luxury brings. In the end, the most luxurious elements of interior design are being true to what you love and relying on a trusted design expert.

Nino Madia Furniture and Design, Inc. has everything you need to furnish your luxury home, and the skill and professionalism to make the process easy and enjoyable. Get in touch to learn more about our full suite of products and services. 

Your Classic Luxury Furniture Source

At Nino Madia Furniture and Design, Inc. we’re experts at designing and outfitting our clients’ luxury homes. You can depend on our selection of luxury furniture to add that special touch you’ve been looking for. Whether your design preferences tend to be classic, contemporary, or you love French reproduction, Nino Madia has the one-of-a-kind fine Italian furniture and accessories you’ve been dreaming of. Visit our destination showroom and check out our online portfolio to get a taste of what’s available. Our professional design team is happy to work one-one-one with you. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your visit.

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